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Mixed Ability

Mixed Ability

One To One

One To One

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Class Options & Prices

Julia runs a number of class options, each with its own merits.

  • Beginner/Improver

    £ 10.50 / class

    • Ideal if you are new to Pilates
    • Geared to both young and old alike
    • Practice your technique at a gentler pace
    • Suitable if you have not exercised in a while
    • 25% discount on block class payments
    Difficulty Level: Beginner
  • Intermediate

    £ 10.50 / class

    • Improved flexibility and aerobic fitness
    • Ideal for those with previous Pilates experience
    • Targets specific areas, towards your goals
    • More challenging exercises
    • 25% discount on block class payments
    Difficulty Level: Medium / Hard
  • Mixed Ability

    £ 10.50 / class

    • Suitable for both young and old alike
    • Ideal for those improving fitness levels
    • Builds core strength and improves posture
    • Caters to a wide range of experience levels
    • 25% discount on block class payments
    Difficulty Level: Varied
  • One-To-One

    £ 35.00 / session

    • All levels of fitness catered for
    • Individual attention throughout
    • Ideal if you have sustained an injury
    • Suitable for those recovering from an illness
    • Tailored training at a pace & level to suit you
    Difficulty Level: Set As Appropriate


Welcome to my website, "Pilates With Julia". I currently offer weekly classes, catering for up to a maximum of twelve people, within the South Norfolk/North Suffolk area. One-to-one sessions or additional classes are also available on request. For a more in-depth look at the classes and the type of tuition available, please click here. I hope you enjoy your visit.

Latest News!

After a hectic summer classes I am returning to my usual class timetable (see timetable page for times and venues) on Monday 10th September. A six week block finishing on Saturday 20th October. My next block after that will start on Monday 29th October and run straight through until Christmas (a 7 week block). This seems as though the year has flown by but of course there are still many Pilates to attend before we get to the end of 2018!

If you are new to Pilates and want to try it out, then why not book an introductory lesson? The lesson will allow Julia to assess your individual abilities, taking into account your current health and fitness and to discuss which level of class best suits your needs. Note that you are under no-obligation to continue your Pilates experience beyond this point, but it will offer you an insight into Pilates that you may wish to explore further.

The Benefits

Pilates is ideal for:

  • People of all ages and all levels of fitness
  • Aiding recovery from injury or illness
  • Improving posture
  • Increasing flexibility, mobility and strength
  • Relieving stress

  • Why Choose Pilates?

    In ten sessions you'll feel the difference, in twenty you'll see the difference and in thirty you'll have a new body. (Joseph Pilates: 1883-1967)

    Pilates is an intelligent form of exercise that uniformly conditions the body. It lengthens and strengthens all the muscles giving the body a well-defined shape. It targets the deep stabilising muscles that are so important for good posture and health. Pilates restores your body to balance. Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and GP's recommend Pilates as one of the safest forms of exercise today.


    Julia is a Level-3 Registered Exercise Professional (REP) and is also a certified Body Contol Pilates teacher. Being a registered exercise professional is important to both Julia and her clients, as not only does it differentiate her from someone with little or no training, it also signifies that she:

  • Meets the agreed National Occupational Standards, which describe the knowledge, competence and skills of good practice
  • Holds recognised and approved qualifications
  • Is competent in the work place
  • Is committed to ongoing professional development
  • Holds valid insurance

  • The 'Single Leg Stretch' and 'Body Control Pilates' logos are both registered trademarks of Body Control UK and are used under licence.